It takes a door to raise a house. A house is not a home without a door. All good things start with… a door? Maybe in some far off distant country these are actual sayings. Maybe not. Regardless, Wednesday, January 25th at just past 11:00 am, the Red Antiquities Building officially became a building with a door.

In keeping with our commitment to maintaining the heritage of the building, the original double door was recreated from pictures by Al Marlow, of Al’s Custom Millwork.   Soon, the original main door, which was painstakingly restored by Mr. Marlow, will take it’s place back in the building where it belongs.

Driving by the Red Antiquities Building, one feels a sense of completion as the two toned red and cream double door and crisp, newly painted window frames signal the light at the end of a very, very long tunnel.  This window, is a replica of the original store front window, built in 1893.

A photo, from the University of Western Ontario archives shows how little the building, including the window, has been altered since it’s original construction. It’s not difficult to imagine the building, in it’s heyday, greeting customers who stopped in from all directions.  From that expansive window, the Winders must have looked out on a very different skyline and perhaps imagined the changes which were to come.  We owe a great deal of gratitude to the London Endowment for Heritage Fund for contributing to the completion of this window.

While this important stage of construction was underway, the interior of the building was buzzing with activity.   Dedicated crews worked to install plumbing, electrical and fire protection.   

 It won’t be long before sheets of drywall make their way through these newly minted doors.  Work continues at a rapid pace as everyone involved waits for the day when we can call this project: complete.

  • Nancylynn

    This is coming along so nicely. All the teams have worked so hard at re-making this the beautiful building it use to be. And to have the public involved with pictures, e-mails etc has been a real joy. So often things happen through our city and no one notices to the changes around them. With so much going up and changing over night we have been able to see how it has changed. I would like to make a recommendation that once the building is totally finished could a plaque be erected for all the companies and people who were involved and could a few of the pictures be framed and put on the wall of the entrancefor those who will be using the building for future services. People who could come in out of town or people who don’t get to see things when they are driving by to and from work. Or for people who do not get downtown all the time.
    Just a suggestion.
    Thanks again for a job well done.