The Back from the Brink project launched in June of 2010 seeks to restore the Red Antiquities Building located at 129-131 Wellington Road. This important historical building in London, Ontario was built in 1873 by the Winder Family. It remained in the Winder Family until June 2010 when it was purchased by Pathways Skill Development in partnership with London Heritage Foundation. It is one of the only wide-board wooden constructions still standing today. The work and live-in residence design is also very representative of the era in which it was built. This historical landmark has a lot of life left and great potential for the future.

This building will also serve the community of London. Its location along the southern gateway to downtown London allows visitors to witness this building which portrays a culturally rich community. Sitting amongst the great architecture present on Wellington, the Red Antiquities Building gives a visually pleasing experience to new comers as well as to those who travel the road regularly.

The restored Antiquities building will present an economical benefit to the SoHo community in which it resides by contributing to increased property values and renewing interest in the SoHo economic sector. This will in turn lead to economic resurgence as commercial activity and consumer traffic increases in the community. The economical upturn will undoubtedly help develop a sense of pride and identity that will allow for the emergence of economic and social stability.

Once restored, the building will be used in a way to give back to the community. It will be a prime example of the endless possibilities present in the restoration of historical buildings. The success of such a project will demonstrate the potential present in many old buildings. It will set the path for future projects in London. Such projects are definitely important in securing London’s heritage.

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